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Q: Google Cloud Datalab permissions I'm running a Datalab (Python) instance on Google Cloud Platform. I'm able to access the Internet just fine, and also access the GCP resources and storage. However, I cannot access any of the data stored in Google Cloud Storage, although I can access the contents of other storage buckets and other GCP resources. For instance, I can access the bucket named: gs://my-bucket-name, and can also access the other Google Cloud resources. However, I'm unable to access the contents of the bucket gs://my-bucket-name. I'm assuming the problem lies in the way the service is configured. I'm not sure of the permissions, or what to change to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A: (The OP provided the solution in comments) Check the permissions for your GCS bucket. You will need to give "Cloud Storage Object Creator" permission on the bucket. See more info here Carlos Miller speaks at NBC10's "Street Smart" event in Philadelphia on Thursday. (Credit: Handout) A lot of people in the world are sick of seeing the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department unjustly shoot and kill people over money. On Wednesday, I had the chance to speak with Carlos Miller, the first African-American President of the National Association of Police Organizations. Miller, who is currently a police officer in Philadelphia, has been at the forefront of the national conversation about the treatment of police by the public. He’s also a critic of the militarized police culture prevalent in large American cities. He started as a cop in New York City in the 80s, where he says that “police officers were not out on the street trying to enforce the law, but breaking it.” “In the 1980s, crack cocaine and crack crimes were exploding. We were arresting people who were driving a car that had drugs, but we weren’t arresting the dealer,” he says. Miller says that’s what the militarization of the police is about: the police are seen as the bad guys, and they’re in no position to take on the big bad dealer. And what the public sees is




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License Key For Displayfusion caisyar
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