Foods of Africa & the Caribbean Educational Trust

A holistic approach to food and nutrition to create

educational solutions

FACET closely worked with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and other partners to successfully deliver Key Skills that young people need to succeed at work.

Students build skills of resilience

in the kitchen

Are you able to donate and make an investment towards young people's lives? Please visit our donation page for more information.

Have you an hour a week or one day a year to give? We can arrange your volunteering or internship to suit your food interests, lifestyle, and available time? Please visit our volunteer/internship page for more information.


At FACET Charity we offer comprehensive education programmes, focusing on the creative application of ideas from the pervasive social phenomenon of food and culture in media, art and design to health challenges of food-ways that impact disadvantaged communities.

In order to best deliver food themes and meet the needs of the various students in

different settings (e.g. the school-learning community; youth club and so on), FACET is always re-appraising its methods and therefore able to design flexible programmes for each client.


Working in partnerships with Educators and Chefs, we pride ourselves on African and Caribbean culinary excellence and our menus will not only whet your appetite but will also impress you! We are now offering everyone, from novices to experts new speciality courses, inspired by classic African and Caribbean recipes and new concept from the diasporas.