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The CAFE Project introduces students aged 15+ to concepts in Cultural Anthropology. We focus on food issues such as Health, Identity, Marketing, and Food Security. Students gain an opportunity to engage in a holistic understanding of the human relationship with food.

This curriculum is designed to enhance student abilities in critical thinking, and expand their knowledge of human social studies. By encouraging young people to ask questions about their lives (and their food) we provide an opportunity to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Food and Health

What is 'correct eating'? Food is associated with maintaining (or not maintaining) a 'healthy' body. Different cultures view the relationships between food and nutrition in different ways. Explore how governments, industries, media, school and our friends and family all combine in different ways to influence what we think about nutritional food, and what constitutes a healthy way of living, and a healthy body.

Food and Identity

Are we what we eat? Let's ask questions about how food relates to our conceptions of self and our identifications with family, groups, communities, and nationalities. Do we select or avoid food because of these identifications?

Food and Marketing

Where does our food come from? What is a food market? By questioning the production, distribution and consumption of our food, we can begin to see who benefits and who suffers from our food choices.

Food Security

Who has access to safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary preferences and satisfies their physical and social needs? Not everyone. Many people in all parts of the world suffer from food insecurity. Questions surround why such food imbalances occur and encourage new ways of thinking about how to contribute toward a food secure world.

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