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Cooking Class



The FACET Learning Programme takes a holistic approach to food and nutrition, which are essential to modern business and society.

Here is how FACET can help deliver bespoke Educational & Skills programmes.

Training, offering a fresh insight for

  • Health and social workers

  • Play and community workers

  • Service providers for children and young people

  • Agency staff and company canteens

Research service for

  • Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Young People opting for African and Caribbean Food project

  • The Community

Activities can include

  • Guided regional dishes with history and emphasis on skills

  • The CookHouse Club for out-of-school primary age

  • Catering Corps for young people

  • Food & Wellbeing Forum in a family setting

Facilities Include

  • A safe, secure learning environment

  • Two course nutritious and delicious servings

  • Recipes on request, to recreate at home

  • Library research service with a fee

  • Multi-service insulated food containers with trolley & beverage dispensers

Topical ethnic dishes to develop:

Cooking Skills

  • Gain confidence with exotic fruits and vegetables

  • Design, adapt recipes and prepare diverse and versatile dishes

  • Inspirational cooking

  • Planning a well-balanced and appropriate African & Caribbean diet

  • Cooking demonstrations and new product presentations

Thematic Studies bridging subject areas to address curriculum issues.

Themes include:

Application of Numbers

  • Recipes and costings

  • Grocery and kitchen counters

  • Understanding and applying concepts and procedures

Hands-on Science

  • Three bites at a banana

  • Chemistry with cabbage

  • Finger on the pulse

  • Raving rainforest

  • The wonderful world of plants

Special Interest Workshop and Seminars

  • Food and mood

  • Food and media

  • The magic of Maggi cubes - food symbolism

  • Food arts - digital food art, food photography and illustration

Dietary Assessment

  • Family assessment - meal times

  • Weight management

  • Dietary management

  • Modifying diet

  • Snacking and meals

NB: The content is updated regularly to reflect clients' requests.

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