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Education Services


We offer comprehensive education programmes, focusing on the creative application of ideas from the pervasive social phenomenon of food and culture in media, art and design to health challenges of food-ways that impact disadvantaged communities.

Food Safety Level 2 in Catering


An arm of the charity, FACET Training runs an accreditation course of the Chartered

Institute of Environmental Health Level 2 in Catering. We have achieved a 100% pass rate with 16-19 year-olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), and other adults.



FACET Education Services is led by a team of highly qualified and talented 

educators, and experienced practitioners who have mastery of their subject areas. Our Board of Trustees are supported by diverse professionals and community leaders. They provide the guidance and direction to fulfil our mission.


Research and Development


FACET collaborates with higher education and independent researchers to guide its project work, services, and products. Our expertise and experience include working with Kingston University on Knowledge Transfer project, funded by London Development Agency and challenging obesity with Wandsworth Primary Care. We share Knowledge and capabilities to respond to changing needs.

Models of Best Practice


In order to best deliver food themes and meet the needs of the various students in

different settings (e.g. the school-learning community; youth club and so on), FACET is always re-appraising its methods and therefore able to design flexible programmes for each client.

Services and Products


FACET offers extensive African and Caribbean food-based technical, personal and professional development support, with a focus on helping able and less able or at-risk learners. We undertake effective monitoring to fulfil getting young people and their families to work with teachers in their classrooms or with our team after-school hours, and in school kitchens.  Help us to help young people failing to participate in education and training to explore foodservice and fun events;

FACET products include assessments, recipe cards and professional development materials.


Our History


FACET has its origin in the Caribbean and African Food Festival in 1994 at the Commonwealth House London WC2N 5BJ, a showcase of beverage manufacturer and restaurants, sponsored by SATOUR - South African Tourism Board. The festival's mission was to provide unaware consumers the best taste experience, knowledge and choices of a range of food and beverage varieties from African and Caribbean heritage. It became a charity in 2003 and for nearly two decades FACET has been faithful in inspiring, motivating, and building the confidence of children, young people and adults to gain skills to cook affordable well-balanced meals for themselves and others.

View the brochure from the 1994 African Food Festival

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